TWO brothers who attacked a Gold Coast father after he approached them about lurid gestures they were making at his 15-year-old daughter have been sentenced in a Gold Coast court.

Yesterday evening, Bodie, 29, and Kai Lajunen, 31, were found guilty of pushing Robert Pirie, 53, over a pile of concrete rubbish on his neighbours property after asked them why they were "blowing kisses" and "making wanking gestures" at his 15-year-old daughter.

Mr Pirie injured his hand and wrist and was subjected to a barrage of punches and slaps from both the men during the incident last year.

On December 15, Mr Pirie got a text from his neighbour telling him the men working on the property were making lurid gestures to his 15-year-old daughter and her friends as they sat on the pontoon at the back of the property, the court heard.

Bodie and Kai Lajunen leave Southport Magistrates Court
Bodie and Kai Lajunen leave Southport Magistrates Court Alexandria Utting

In evidence, Mr Pirie said he drove to the house to ask the men why they were being so "unprofessional" toward his daughter and her friends, who were so terrified they had to leave the property.

"I was being assertive, not argumentative and I asked them why they were being so unprofessional and harassing my daughter," he said.

Mr Pirie claims he also saw the men drinking on the job site.

In response, Bodie initially went back to work before his brother Kai came down out of the property and set on Mr Pirie, punching and "gangster slapping" him.

Bodie then also assaulted Mr Pirie before he was pushed over the pile of rubbish.


Robert Pirie speaks outside Southport Magistrates Court.
Robert Pirie speaks outside Southport Magistrates Court. Alexandria Utting

Defence barrister John Jacob argued the brothers were provoked and acting in self defence after being verbally harassed by Mr Pirie.

In cross-examination he put to Mr Pirie he believed the man was actually masturbating behind his daughter and was not "satisfied" with the brother's responses.

"(Mr Pirie) started the conversation ... and he kept going," Mr Jacob said.

"He has willingly remained and engaged in a confrontation."

However, Magistrate Chris Callaghan found the brothers guilty, but conceded they had acted independently and it was not a two against one assault.

"You were the aggressors in this and that was clearly made out in the evidence," he said.

"I am satisfied (you) were not provoked to such an extent which would justify Mr Pirie being assaulted in the way he was."

Bodie Lajunen was handed a $750 fine and had no conviction recorded.

His brother Kai was sentenced to nine months' jail but released on immediate parole.

Both men were ordered to pay $1,500 each to Mr Pirie.

Outside court, the brothers showed no remorse, laughing and telling reporters they would give Mr Pirie a "thumbs down" when asked if they were sorry for their actions.

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