Law Abiding Firearm Owners president Chris Howard is sick of the major parties treating them with complete disrespect.
Law Abiding Firearm Owners president Chris Howard is sick of the major parties treating them with complete disrespect. Contributed

Gun owners angry, treated with 'complete disrespect'

GUN owners have rallied together to put the pressure on the major parties ahead of the 2017 National Firearms Agreement released mid February.

Law Abiding Firearm Owners has set its sights on the Dawson electorate to launch its campaign following the ReachTEL poll that showed the Liberal National Party only held the seat from One Nation by a close margin of 0.4%.

"(Gun owners) are extremely mad, there has been zero consultation, there has been no real consultation with industry groups, clubs associations, it's been made in private," LAFO president Chris Howard said.

He said politicians were earning cheap points in Canberra at the expense of law-abiding gun owners.

The campaign started in Dawson Wednesday with advertisements in the Daily Mercury and are expected to extend to billboard advertisements.

Mr Howard said the group felt the time was right to campaign in marginal seats with One Nation putting pressure on the major parties.

"We would like to work with any politicians," he said. "The timing is everything."

"It's been a long while coming. Shooters are facing growing restrictions, I know there has been a movement growing for the past five or six years, and with the way politics is at the moment, now is the time to make a move."

The growing concerns over the 2017 National Firearms Agreement extends a lot further than just the banning of the Adler A110 shotgun.

"There are heaps more restrictions on pistol club members, heaps more red tape to hold exercises for shooting clubs," Mr Howard said.

From what Mr Howard could gather, there would be no gun licences for people under 18 and he is right as under licensing section of the agreement, a licence applicant must be 18 or older.

"In the agreement there are no more minors licences for junior shooters in Queensland and juniors are the future of our sport," he said.

Mr Howard wouldn't say how the group was funding the campaign or which electorate it would target next.

"The established parties have been treating us with just complete disrespect, voters will go where their voices are being heard instead of the big parties pushing someone else' agenda in Canberra," he said.

"We will be running it for as long as we feel we have to but costing is not something we want to discuss."

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