Gym trainers online

CHRISTOPHER Petrie and mate Tom Mitchell were working in a Brisbane gym three years ago when the client downturn gave them a brilliant idea.

"We started losing clients and we were sick of it so we came up with an idea that enabled us to keep clients when they go on holidays or if they don't come into the gym as often," Mr Petrie said.

That idea is software called Bluebubble that gives clients online access to trainers outside the gym at any time they want. They can access training programs, email questions back and forth to their trainers and watch instructional videos on specific exercises.

"We found clients are very loyal to their trainers and this way, you can still keep in contact," he said.

"The gyms add $1.50 per week to the gym membership and that allows clients to access the gym's trainers, their profiles, costs and programs.

"The gym profit doubles in a week and the owners don't spend any money to be on Bluebubble; the trainers don't lose clients and members are over the moon."

Mr Petrie said one gym in Sydney, Activ8, was using the product, with two others in the same market potentially on board soon.

This week, he will take the product to "every gym on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane" via press releases, social media, flyers and personal contact.

"This is built to 100% help gyms in downtimes, to help trainers and help members.

"We want to be in every gym in Australia, if not the world.

"We are targeting all gyms, from the smallest to the biggest, including boxing gyms and eventually physios. This is perfect for them as they will be able to load lists or videos of their exercises."

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