Had it with hoons?

IN the dead of night, the silence is shrilly broken by squealing tyres, car and bike engines being revved into the red and dogs howling in protest.

Sound familiar?

Well, Emerald police are asking residents to dob in a hoon, or just a bad driver, if you’ve had enough.

It seems the campaign may have already started if one disgruntled but well-travelled Emerald resident is anything to go by.

A letter to the editor received this week by Central Queensland News claims some Emerald drivers are the ‘worst in Australia’, always in a mad rush and ignorant of the road rules (turn to page 6).

Among a string of bad behaviour cited by the letter writer is the following:

“We witnessed a black Nissan ZX sports car using the road around the dam as a racetrack, the same vehicle passed us as we were returning from the dam and was out of sight in an instant.”

And this: “We had just turned the roundabout into Glasson Street heading to Mitre 10 when a black four-wheel drive sedan sped out around us and sprayed our vehicle with rocks.

“We now have two chips in the windscreen of our three-month-old Suzuki hatch.

“We followed the vehicle hoping to record the licence plate, but could not catch them without exceeding the speed limit, which obviously they were!”

And this: “Opal Street is a raceway at night with cars and motorbikes roaring up and down at high speeds.”

The best advice from Emerald traffic branch head, Sergeant Brad Weeks, is to make an official complaint, no matter what time of the day or night.

“Police are requesting people to please ring in and if you’re reporting a hooning complaint to ask that the information is put on an official traffic complaint,” he said.

“You can ring at the times when it is happening.

“If it’s something that happens regularly and, say, it’s every Saturday at 2am and we’ve got cars racing each other, that’s what we want.

“If it is regular hooning, please note down as much information as you can and let police know as our limited resources can be more effectively deployed if we have an idea of where to deploy them.

“It is not an imposition to ring police when something is happening, whether that’s 2am or not.

“Don’t wait until later to let police know something has happened.”

The Emerald police station number is 4983 8100, but Sgt Weeks advises you can also dial Triple Zero.

“It is not an imposition to ring police when something is happening, whether that’s

2am or not.”

Sergeant Brad Weeks


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