Alleged bashing victim Timothy Udris and his wife Emily outside Brisbane Supreme Court.
Alleged bashing victim Timothy Udris and his wife Emily outside Brisbane Supreme Court. Jessica Grewal

Hammer attack victim's skull was crushed: court

A HAMMER was used to crush a Gympie father's skull and tear through the lining of his brain the night he almost died on an associate's lounge room floor a court heard.

Details of the alleged attack were set out for a jury yesterday in Brisbane Supreme Court where Glen Reginald Francis is on trial for the attempted murder of Timothy Udris.

Mr Francis pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm but the plea was not accepted by Crown prosecutor Jacob Robson who alleged the 36-year-old intended to kill Mr Udris following a failed drug deal in Hervey Bay in June, 2014.

Mr Robson told the court Mr Udris and Mr Francis had just returned to Gympie when an argument broke out between the two at the home of their former associate Terry McEwan.

He said Mr Francis became increasingly angry, yelled out to a woman in the house "give me that f****** hammer, I'm going to kill this c***" and once it was handed to him, started swinging at Mr Udris, striking him in the arms, legs, shoulder and finally, twice in the head.

He said when Mr Udris woke he was "lying on the ground with a hole in his skull, bleeding all over the floor". He managed to escape and drove to his Musgrave St home where his now wife Emily phoned 000.

Mr Udris was taken to Gympie Hospital and later flown to Brisbane where he underwent life-saving surgery for an open compound fracture to his skull.

Mr Robson told the jury it seemed clear Mr Francis was motivated by anger and he was prosecuted based on the "focused nature" of the hammer attack that he said was persistent and accompanied by statements that were not "empty threats".

Mr Udris told the court he had been asked to drive Mr McEwan and Mr Francis, who he knew as "Dizzy", to Hervey Bay to pick up boxes of pseudoephedrine needed for a methylamphetamine cook.

He said "Dizzy knew a box supplier" who could come up with the amount they needed to produce enough drugs to pay off "a big bill" hanging over Mr McEwan's head.

Mr Udris, who previously lived in Hervey Bay, said he knew the area well and drove around for several hours but got tired of waiting when the supplier never called.

Before they could leave town, the three were pulled over by Hervey Bay police who allegedly found clip-sealed bags containing acetone that Mr Udris told the court would have been used as a lifting agent to prevent a potentially lethal level of pH in the drugs they were planning to produce.

He said that after being allowed to leave and arriving back at Mr McEwan's Monkland home, he and Mr Francis were involved in an argument that soon turned violent.

"It made him really angry that he couldn't beat me up with his hands so he screamed for a hammer and he just went for gold," Mr Udris said

Asked if he was using drugs on the day of the attack, Mr Udris said he "might have had a puff or two from a glass pipe. It was going around to everybody. Monkey see, monkey do. I had a toke and passed it on".

Defence barrister Harry Fong told the court the jury would need to consider whether Mr Udris's state was altered by his drug use, whether his version of events added up and how many blows he had in fact received from the hammer.

The trial continues.

- ARM Newsdesk

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