THE FINE FIGHT: Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller has won respect far and wide for her estimates hearings performances, including from One Nation leader Pauline Hanson (left).
THE FINE FIGHT: Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller has won respect far and wide for her estimates hearings performances, including from One Nation leader Pauline Hanson (left). Contributed

REVEALED: Hanson explains why Miller gets a big tick

IT IS a strategic decision by One Nation no doubt, but national leader Pauline Hanson says there are other key reasons why the party has decided not to run candidates against sitting Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller at the next state election.

Senator Hanson has backed up One Nation's Queensland leader Steve Dickson's declaration that Ms Miller's stellar performance in her electorate had led the party to stay clear of Bundamba at the upcoming poll.

She has also explained additional reasons

"Unlike so many others within the Labor Party, Jo-Ann has always taken the time to include me and my office on issues that matter to both her electorate and the state," Senator Hanson told the QT.

"Ms Miller has always kept me informed on the black lung inquiry she has held, and we share an equal interest in ensuring the longevity of the greyhounds in Ipswich and across the state of Queensland."

Senator Hanson has admired the way Ms Miller has represented her constituents at estimates hearings in parliament.

Both women are known for their feisty ways.

"Perhaps it's an Ipswich thing," Ms Hanson said.

"We're both of strong character and neither of us have been afraid to speak out when necessary.

"I have no interest in wasting resources this state election on diluting the votes of a small number of sitting members who are genuinely doing the right thing by their constituents.

"It's a credit to Jo-Ann for the character she continues to show, and my Queensland leader Steve Dickson agrees."

Ms Miller told the QT she heard the news about One Nation's policy about the Bundamba electorate on ABC radio and was blown away.

"I was stunned when the announcement was made. I couldn't believe it," she said.

Ms Miller explained why she had earned the respect of constituents, and those like Senator Hanson, on the other side of politics.

"I think that last year I broke the mould in terms of the estimates hearings committee hearings," she said.

"On behalf of my community I went in and asked very direct questions of every Minister over a period of nearly two weeks, working from 9am until 9pm every day.

"I know that the local people really appreciated it."

Estimates hearings start again today in parliament and Ms Miller said she was ready for another round.

"I had quite a number of people contact me weeks in advance with their questions," she said last night.

"Before I left for parliament I had locals coming with their questions in their own hand writing asking me to ask their questions to the Ministers. It is real democracy in action."

Ms Miller said she thought it was "a strategic decision by One Nation not to run someone" in her seat based on best utilising their resources, after unsuccessfully running candidates in Bundamba in the past.

Ms Miller had a chuckle when asked about the qualities she shares with Ms Hanson. Ms Hanson launched her political career in Ipswich and has bounced back from many trials and tribulations. Ms Miller also does not stay on the canvas for long.

"I think we are both feisty. We are both from Ipswich. People try and kick us down and we both get up again," Ms Miller said.

"I think there must be something in the Ipswich water."

Meanwhile, on the subject of preferences, Ms Hanson has outlined the One Nation position for the Queensland election.

"I am not interested in preference deals with either Labor or the LNP," she said.

"Steve Dickson and I will look at preferences on a seat by seat basis, but I want to make it very clear to voters this election that 'you own your vote'."

Ms Hanson said she had a concise message for voters at the next election.

"Don't blindly follow how to vote cards put out by the parties," she said.

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