My Kitchen Rules contestants Alex Ebert and Gareth Cochran.
My Kitchen Rules contestants Alex Ebert and Gareth Cochran. Channel 7

Happy days for MKR’s miner diners Alex and Gareth

MINER diners Alex and Gareth struck gold on My Kitchen Rules tonight with their pork belly.

The best mates from Mackay redeemed their first outing on the reality cooking show by scoring nine points higher than their original score.

Their redemption cook got off to a rocky start with their entrée, which had good flavours but wasn't a traditional ceviche.

"You have all the elements here for a sensational dish, but it's halfway there for me," judge Pete Evans said.

"The mackerel is over-cured, that's why the fish is a little bit pasty.

"It's not what a ceviche is meant to be."

They came back strong with their main course, surprising the judges with their flavour combination of pork belly with pineapple and cherries.

A wave of relief washed over Alex, who was worried about how the pork belly was cooked.

"I'm getting really annoyed because you stuff up the simple dishes and the difficult dishes you cooked to perfection," Evans said.

"It was bloody delicious.

"It was a courageous dish - unique, original and it worked a treat."

Manu Feildel said their cherry sauce was "to die for".

"You definitely redeemed yourself with this dish; just continue down that road," he said.

The miners still showed room for improvement with their desserts though, with Evans declaring their plating looked like "Pro Hart had a go at it".

"I like both creams individually, but does it go with the tart? No," Feildel said.

"I liked the flavour of the tart, the strong bitter chocolate, but the texture of the chocolate is too thick."

Rosie and Paige will host their redemption instant restaurant tomorrow night.

Cops Monique and Sarah and "stepsies" Hazel and Lisa still sit at the bottom of the leaderboard.

Two teams will be eliminated at the end of the redemption round on Sunday.


Alex and Gareth's menu

Entrée: Spanish mackerel ceviche with chorizo

Main: Fennel crusted pork belly with five-spice pineapple and cherry sauce

Dessert: Chocolate tart with raspberry and blueberry cream

Score: 69

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