A MAN took a series of chilling final pictures of his ex-girlfriend as they hiked together in the Alabamian countryside before he pushed her off a cliff.

Loren Bunner shot 18-year-old Jolee Callan twice - once in the back of the head and once between the eyes - and shoved her from the top of a cliff.

It had been Bunner's idea to go for the hike and the night before Callan messaged a friend joking: "If something happens to me, you'll know who I was with."

The pair had been walking the Pinhoti Trail in the US state, with Bunner even posting four pictures on Instagram of his former girlfriend hours after he killed her, reports The Sun .

The first was of Callan sitting in the car with Bunner's dog, with others of her on the walk.

The last pictures of the teen captured her taking a photo and looking out from the clifftop, captioned "oh, ya know. Just enjoying the view" and "oh, @joleeisakitten the photographer".

Bunner later called the cops and said: "I want to turn myself in for the murder of my ex-girlfriend that happened just a little while ago on Cheaha Mountain."

Later that evening, on August 30, 2015, police found her body - still wearing her backpack.

Bunner told police he had shot her in the head as part of a suicide pact before pushing her off the cliff, but he was unable to go through with killing himself.

A shotgun was found on him and a large amount of blood was discovered where Callan was killed, as well as on Bunner's steering wheel.

Cops believed he had lured Callan, who still wanted to remain friends with her former boyfriend, there to kill her because she wouldn't take him back.

Family members said she was making plans for the future and did not seemed depressed.

Bunner, now 22, was charged with murder and after initially pleading not guilty, he admitted the murder in July this year.
The court heard he had bragged to cell mates about killing the 18-year-old - saying if he couldn't have her no one else could.

He was sentenced to 52 years in prison and told to pay over $11,356 in restitution to the Alabama Crime Victims Commission.

Afterwards, Callan's father, Michael said: "She was a sweet, sweet girl. I think she's smiling today."

This article was first published in The Sun.

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