He took his eyes off the road briefly as he put a water bottle into the cup holder.
He took his eyes off the road briefly as he put a water bottle into the cup holder. Chris Ison ROK021116cdrive2

He only took his eyes off the road for a second

ALL it took was a second.

Daniel James Crosby took is eyes off the road briefly as he put a water bottle into the cup holder.

By the time he looked up and noticed the car in front was getting closer, it was too late to avoid a crash.

Crosby tried to swerve, but still hit the rear of the LandCruiser carrying a couple turning into their property on Gavial Gracemere Rd on July 2, 2017.

The driver of the Landcruiser suffered a traumatic brain injury and spent many weeks in intensive care in a Brisbane hospital.

He was finally discharged at the end of July.

The passenger had hip injuries requiring some rehabilitation, however Crosby was not hurt.

The court heard Crosby, 35, had only driven about 2km when he crashed and wasn't travelling behind the LandCruiser, but had come upon it as it slowed to turn.

Defence lawyer Allan Grant said Crosby had an "excellent traffic history" and no criminal convictions, but had fallen victim to "a split second of inattention".

Magistrate Jeff Clarke, when reading personal references submitted as evidence, said it was obvious the crash had taken its toll on Crosby.

"You have continually expressed extreme remorse," Mr Clarke said.

He referred to the fact the family of the injured driver had reached out to Crosby and told him they knew it was an accident, after several near-misses at the turn-off in the past.

"It's amazing strength of character for them to reach out and put his mind at ease," Mr Clarke said.

Mr Clarke acknowledged the crash had been "disastrous" for the victims and was still a serious incident.

"Ultimately , of course, the obligation is on you to keep a look out at all times," he told Crosby.

"Otherwise it seems to me you are a very responsible person.

"You have an impeccable traffic history."

Mr Clarke cited Crosby's "responsible job" as an electrician, which required some travel although it was predominantly based at one site.

Crosby was fined $1000, but was not disqualified and no conviction was recorded.

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