The Voice coaches Delta Goodrem and Jessie J.
The Voice coaches Delta Goodrem and Jessie J. Photo Contributed

OPINION: Nothing wrong with healthy female competition

WHY IS it so hard to believe two women can't work together and get along?

Media were quick to jump on the catty bandwagon when the new season of The Voice started on Sunday, featuring two women - Delta Goodrem and Jessie J - on the show's coaching panel for the first time.

Online bookmaker SportsBet even opened up novelty bets on who would leave the show first and had $34 odds on the women getting into a catfight.

Come on. Even if two people - women or men - don't see eye to eye, or get on personally, they can still be professional and get the job done.

Why is the first assumption that two grown women will get catty?

It was the same case last year when Goodrem shared The Voice Kids stage with Mel B, formerly of The Spice Girls.

Rumours swirled of friction between the two singers but nothing ever really eventuated.

There's bound to be some tension when coaches are competing for a great singer for their teams, that's the nature of a show like The Voice.

Benji and Joel Madden have had much more fiery exchanges in their spinning chairs, with Joel even telling his twin to "shut up", but that gets put down to brotherly bickering.

Just because Jessie J and Delta sit next to each other on stage, and share a love of music, doesn't mean they need to be BFFs.

Plus I think a bit of friendly competition helps to make the show more interesting.

Jessie J certainly speaks her mind, and doesn't tell every singer she turns for that they're God's gift to music, and I like that.

If the show is to be a true platform for aspiring singers and songwriters, then they will benefit from some tough love.

And if all of the coaches aren't getting fired up over great talent, then why are they there?

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