Toowoomba Second Range Crossing was always going to be a toll road.
Toowoomba Second Range Crossing was always going to be a toll road.

Discussion starts over toll cost on Range Crossing

THE Toowoomba Second Range Crossing was always going to be a toll road, however some residents were not aware there would be a charge to use the road.

An online discussion started when a Toowoomba resident posted a photo on Facebook of a Toowoomba bypass highway sign with Brisbane Toll written underneath. 

He said: "Well they have kept this quiet until the signs went up. How many trucks and cars will it actually take out of the city if everyone has to pay to use the bypass?"

It quickly gained hundreds of likes and shares by people who were equally as shocked.

However the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing was always going to be a toll road.

In April 2014 Ian Macfarlane as the Minister for Industry said it was the government's intention all along.

"It has always been the intention to toll both the existing range road and the Second Range Crossing for heavy vehicles, so as to ensure trucks use the bypass when it is complete instead of continuing to travel through Toowoomba," he said. 

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"This is to ensure the bypass meets its two top priorities - to take the heavy vehicles off Toowoomba's roads and to provide trucks with a safer, quicker and more efficient route around Toowoomba."

It will be compulsory for trucks to use the bypass.

In May last year Kapsch TrafficCom Australia Pty Ltd won the contract to design, construct and maintain a roadside tolling system.

Although a tolling system will be in place, a cost has yet to be announced.

The Chronicle understands it will be about $50 for trucks to use the bypass.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads has advised toll cost won't be finalised until next year.

"Tolls for the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing will not be finalised until closer to the opening of the road, expected in late 2018. Further consultation with industry and the community will be undertaken before the finalisation of a toll structure and toll tariffs."

While some people were shocked at the news that the bypass would be a toll road, others knew there would be a cost for using it.

Dave Fromm said: "There was always going to be a toll on it from day dot. Simply because of the convenience of it an the time it'd save."

Christine Walker said: "The toll has been on the cards since they said they were going ahead with it."

Kate Phillips said: "My understanding all along was that it would be a toll road."

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