Help me find my missing son

Geelong woman Lori O’Keeffe has travelled the coast searching for her son Daniel James, who disappeared from the family home in July.
Geelong woman Lori O’Keeffe has travelled the coast searching for her son Daniel James, who disappeared from the family home in July. John Gass

DANIEL. If you're out there, come home.

That's the message Lori O'Keeffe has spent the past 14 weeks repeating as she travels up and down the coast of NSW and throughout Victoria, desperately searching for her 24-year-old son Daniel James O'Keeffe.

Looking out over the water at Coolangatta yesterday, Mrs O'Keeffe described an easy-going, caring man who vanished without a trace from his family home in Geelong on July 15.

She said searching for her son was the only thing holding her, the family, together.

"I don't know how I'm surviving," she said.

"Keeping the message out there is the only thing keeping me going. I have no idea whatsoever where he is.

"We need anything that would put us at rest."

Mrs O'Keeffe said Daniel was at home when she left the house at 9.15am on the day of his disappearance.

She rang his mobile phone at 9.30am, but there was no answer.

She has not seen or heard from him since.

Mrs O'Keeffe said there were plenty of theories that attempted to explain what may have happened to her kind and gentle son, but there had been no solid leads and no evidence.

Reported sightings have either been wrong or reported too late.

Some people have suggested he decided to assimilate with the homeless. Others fear he met with foul play. Some believe he simply needed to get away.

But Mrs O'Keeffe maintains the Dan she knew would never leave his parents, three sisters and girlfriend without a goodbye.

He left all his belongings, clothes, and his wallet behind.

While Mrs O'Keeffe acknowledges her son was battling with mild depression, she said he was respectful, responsible and kind.

"It's so out of character, it's just not like Dan," she said.

"This is a brother that really loved his father and his mum.

"There was no harshness or hardness.

"Whatever has happened must have been instantaneous.

"I'm all over the place - one minute I'm convinced he's alive, the next I'm devastated he's gone."

Shortly after Daniel was reported missing, more than 60 volunteers combed a radius around the O'Keeffe family home, searching for a sign of Daniel, but nothing was found.

More than 14,000 people have joined a Facebook page to raise the profile of Daniel's disappearance.

Visit Dan Come Home.

If you think you've seen Daniel call 000.

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