Sergeant Josh White.
Sergeant Josh White. Allan Reinikka ROK141117ajosh2

Hero Rocky cop saves man's life in airport drama

SERGEANT Josh White has given an elderly gentleman the gift of life.

Last Friday, the Scenes of Crime Officer at Rockhampton Police was waiting at the Virgin terminal at Brisbane Airport when something unexpected happened.

Josh had been looking forward to flying home to his family and recalled reading a book when all of a sudden, he heard a thud.

A well-dressed 81-year old man, who wore a Remembrance Day poppy on his suit jacket had suffered a suspected heart attack and had collapsed in front of Sgt White.

The man appeared to have passed away almost immediately as the officer jumped up and quickly came to his aid.

Miraculously he was able to revive the man thanks to the officer's initiative to perform his first aid training skills on the man.

Yesterday the reluctant hero said it felt rewarding to see the man come back to life.

"It was a situation that could have gone either way,” Sgt White said.

"I was glad the elderly man was given another chance to spend time with family and friends.”

He said police officers were trained for first aid on a regular basis and could deal with the situation that was put in front of him.

"I treated the man how he would want himself or his family to be treated and acted instinctively,” Sgt White said.

He had been in Brisbane to undergo a crime scene manager's course.

The elderly gentleman is currently recuperating in the Coronary Care Unit, surrounded by his family at the Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane.

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