Hidden camera spied on nurses as they showered

A SOUTHERN Downs man who allegedly filmed up to 25 nurses while they showered, did so on a camera disguised as a fire alarm, according to police.

It is alleged Peter Daniel McLellan hid the single camera in the Stanthorpe Hospital nurses' quarters, placing it above different cubicles using velcro dots.

The 42-year-old was working as a gardener at the hospital when he allegedly purchased the camera from eBay on November 10 last year.

In March, a cleaner at the hospital discovered the hidden device, as well as a number of velcro patches placed above different shower cubicles in the nurses' quarters.

Queensland Health told police up to 25 staff, mostly female, lived in the quarters during the time of the alleged filming.

Police believed the Fletcher man used the hidden camera with a remote control, and recordings were stored on a 16gb SD card.

McLellan allegedly moved the camera between different spots from February 1 to March 11 this year, and police claim he activated the camera on multiple occasions.

After the cleaner found the velcro dots and camera, he alerted hospital staff and McLellan was questioned by the Director of Nursing.

Police will allege McLellan admitted planting the camera to his boss, but said he had "not planned to record anyone and had not viewed any of the recordings".

It is further alleged he moved the camera "five or six times" in five weeks and the camera was turned on after each move.

A police search of the hospital's garden shed revealed a TV and USB cables police believe were used to view the footage.

However, police allege the only footage they seized from the SD card was of an empty cubicle.

McLellan appeared in Warwick Magistrates Court charged with attempted recordings in breach of privacy, and entering a premises with intent.

He is on bail and due to reappear on October 5.

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