Hockey player Matt Gohdes is back home after winning a bronze medal at the London Olympics.
Hockey player Matt Gohdes is back home after winning a bronze medal at the London Olympics. Chris Ison

Hockey hero returns

TAKING a break from your sport as an Olympian can be hard when sport is so much a part of your family culture.

Bronze medallist Matt Gohdes returned to Rockhampton on Friday night and one of the first things he did was watch two of his cousins play in their junior hockey semi-final.

"They both went through which is good," Gohdes said.

Gohdes, who is fellow Kookaburra player and former Rockhampton resident Jamie Dywer's cousin, has returned to the Central Queensland city for a bit of R 'n' R after the London Olymics.

He will be joined by another fellow Kookaburra and former Rockhampton resident, Mark Knowles, today.

Mark is married to one of Gohdes' cousins.

Apart from catch-ups with family and friends, Gohdes said he would return to his old primary school - Mt Archer State School - today to talk to students.

The only thing missing will be his bronze medal.

"I packed in a hungover state my freight (package)," Gohdes said. "It was the day after the bronze medal party."

He said he had accidentally put the medal in that package, but thinks in hindsight, it was probably a good idea, otherwise he might have lost it.

But the absence of the medal hasn't stopped the congratulations and the "I'm proud of you" comments since arriving back in town.

"I guess they were just proud," Gohdes said. "Three Rocky boys in the team made the city proud."

His time in Rockhampton is inderterminate at present - Gohdes admits he hasn't booked a return flight to Perth.

"Our next commitment is AHL (Australian Hockey League) in October," he said.

"So I've still got a couple of weeks before we are back in training."

Meanwhile, he hopes to play a bit of golf and go to the beach while in his home town, before all Kookaburras are due back at the Australian Institute of Sport hockey home base in Perth.

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