The Holden Colorado 7.
The Holden Colorado 7.

Holden recalls TM Barina, TJ Trax and RG Colorado 7 models

HOLDEN is recalling some Barina, Trax and Colorado 7 models due to safety issues.

Model year 2013-15 Colorado 7s are being recalled to real with a seat belt issue in the third row.

A Product Safety Recalls Australia bulletin said "the retractor lock sensing mechanism inside the third row seat belts may not meet a particular requirement of the Australian Design Rules relating to the locking of the safety belt when the vehicle is parked on an incline.

"Where the vehicle is positioned at a certain angle (allowing the retractor sensing mechanism to sit between 9 and 12 degrees) the seat belt may lock preventing the passenger in the third row from fastening the seat belt."

The Barina (1.6 litre) and Trax (1.8-litre) recalls are on vehicles with manual transmissions.

A wear condition in the ignition key cylinder actuator trigger may allow the vehicle starter motor to crank the engine if the key is left inside the ignition key cylinder and in the "off" position, while the vehicle is parked.

If, when the vehicle is parked, the ignition key is left in the cylinder, the manual transmission is left in gear and the park brake is insufficiently applied, the vehicle may move unintentionally when the starter motor cranks the engine.

Holden will write to all affected customers to notify them of required action.

This talks Holden's recall tally to 13 this year.

Which models?

Colorado 7

MY13 to MY15 Holden RG Colorado 7
Affected build range is from: MMU156MH0DH600035 to MMU156MK0FH602504
Affected production dates: 24 JAN 2012 to 24 SEP 2014


MY12 - MY15 TM Barina (ex Bupyeong Korea)
Affected build range is from: KL3TF48E9CB002254 to KL3TF69E9FB010938
Affected production dates: 15 MAR 2011 to JUL 2014
MY14- TM Barina (ex Rayong Thailand)
Affected build range is from: KL3TF48E9EH701861 to KL3TF69E9EH701867
Affected production dates: 21 NOV 2013 to 25 NOV 2013


MY13 - MY14 TJ Trax (ex Bupyeong Korea)
Affected build range is from: KL3BF7659DB109070 to KL3BF7659EB755983
Affected production dates: 31 JAN 2013 to 01 JUN 2014

The Holden Barina.
The Holden Barina.

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