Holiday drivers disappoint police

WITH only four days of the Christmas road safety campaign completed, five people have tragically died on Queensland roads and close to one in four drink drivers intercepted over the first three days were driving at 0.15 per cent or higher.

Acting Inspector Sean O'Neill, State Traffic Support Branch said police were disappointed in the number of drivers caught drink and drug driving and speeding so far during the festive season.

"Police are out in force across the State and yet we still see drivers flagrantly disregarding the road rules and taking unnecessary risks with their life and the lives of others on our roads," Acting Inspector O'Neill said.

"Everyone knows that this time of year the roads are extremely busy with holiday makers and people should be taking extra care, but for many, this is not the case."

Across the state 307 people have been charged with drink driving, with 49 drivers 0.15 per cent or above, 15 caught drink (UIL) and or drug driving and 10 drivers failing to supply a specimen of breath.

Police have conducted nearly 37,000 random breath tests and nearly ten and a half thousand motorists have been detected speeding.

"It is disappointing to see motorists taking unnecessary risks. Statistics show us that drink driving, speeding, driving fatigued and not wearing seat belts are major contributing factors to people dying or being seriously injured on our roads," Acting Inspector O'Neill said.

"We again appeal to motorists to take extra care on Queensland roads and to play their part in stopping the carnage."

In the Northern Region police intercepted a 31-year-old local man on Mornington Island who was allegedly nearly seven times over the legal limit (0.331 per cent) and in the South Eastern Region officers intercepted a 30-year-old man at Mermaid Waters who was allegedly more than five times the legal limit (0.263 per cent).

A 25-year-old local man was arrested at Whitfield by officers in the Far Northern Region for allegedly riding a bicycle while drink driving and impersonating police. It will be alleged the man was wearing a reflective vest with the word 'police' on it at the time.

An 18-year-old woman, a P-plate holder, was caught allegedly speeding at nearly 30 kilometers over the 100 klm/hr limit at Dalby, in the Southern Police Region.

Police have also impounded 68 vehicles during the first four days of the campaign.

One vehicle will be subject to a forfeiture application after a 48-year-old Springfield man was caught allegedly driving contrary to a disqualification order.

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