Hooning problem hits radar

SCREECHING tyres and burn-outs have got the residents of Emerald on edge.

A police spokesman said Emerald police were receiving numerous complaints of drivers hooning on Hospital Rd, particularly in the past week.

He said police were monitoring and investigating incidents but urged residents to dob in a hoon by calling the hoon hotline on 13HOON or reporting any occurrences to the Emerald police.

In order to combat the issue Emerald police executed Operation Thaed on Friday, aimed at targeting hoon offences occurring on Hospital Rd.

The operation was conducted between 5pm and midnight with police issuing a number of traffic infringement notices to drivers.

Friday night offences included four speeding tickets, two protruding limbs tickets, three fog-light infringements, three tickets for vehicles creating undue noise, one failure to display P-plates and two defective vehicle notices.

Police also random breath tested 43 motorists but only one driver returned a positive reading.

The 18-year-old driver recorded a blood alcohol reading of 0.141% and was also charged with driving while unlicensed.

He is to appear in Emerald Magistrate’s Court at a later date.

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