HORSE BITE: Brianne in hospital after the vicious horse attack on Saturday.
HORSE BITE: Brianne in hospital after the vicious horse attack on Saturday.

Horse attacks girl's throat

A GIRL is in a Brisbane hospital after a terrifying horse attack ruined her 12th birthday party.

Brianne Green was celebrating her birthday at a property in Waterview Heights on Saturday when the attack happened.

Brianne’s grandfather Barry Green said his granddaughter went to check on two horses on temporary agistment at the property.

He said Brianne gave one of the horses a pat on the head before it grabbed her by the neck with its mouth, then kicked her in the head and threw her several metres.

He said Brianne was taken to Grafton Base Hospital for emergency treatment.

Despite what Mr Green described as “brilliant treatment” by hospital staff, Brianna was flown to Brisbane.

A Careflight helicopter from the Gold Coast was tasked to collect a specialist paediatric retrieval team from Royal Brisbane Women’s and Children’s Hospital to accompany Brianne to Brisbane.

Terri Lowe, Brianne’s aunt, spoke to The Daily Examiner yesterday from her niece’s hospital bed in Brisbane.

She said Brianne was “going all right”, but was being intravenously hydrated because she couldn’t eat because of her injuries.

Ms Lowe said Brianne’s windpipe had been damaged, but thankfully not crushed by the horse.

Local performance horse trainer Tavia Smith said the horse’s behaviour was concerning.

“It’s really aggressive behaviour and it needs to be stomped on,” she said.

“Some horses, especially when they’re with new people, will try you out. That’s the way they deal with each other – they have a pecking order.

“It sounds like the horse was asserting its dominance.”

Anyone able to assist the Green’s in any way while Brianne and her mother are in Brisbane is asked to contact Mavis Green on 6644 9916.

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