COURT TOLD: The men kept asking for a man named Cody, but there was no one by that name living there.
COURT TOLD: The men kept asking for a man named Cody, but there was no one by that name living there. supershabashnyi

Houses ransacked as men chase their next high

HIGH on ice and on the hunt for more, three work mates terrorised a teen girl who'd just got out of the shower while looking for their fix.

Kierin Aden Churchin, 23, and two other men were having some knock-off drinks after finishing at their painting job when they decided to find some more methamphetamine, a court heard.

The trio - being driven by Churchin - used a discarded shopping trolley to break into the downstairs area of an 18-year-old Moffat Beach woman's home.

The men kept asking for a man named Cody, but there was no one by that name living there.

One of the men threatened the teen, but in her police statement she said Churchin told them to leave her alone and rounded them up to leave.

A short time later, the men went to a Battery Hill address - with two seen punching and kicking the windows and the other trying to kick through the front screen door.

A coffee machine, clothes and alcohol were stolen and medication taken from the first victim's home was left behind.

After Churchin drove away, a witness followed him down a side street and parked his car bonnet-to-bonnet to stop the group getting away.

The men ran towards his car, so he reversed and drove away.

Churchin was then seen speeding and swerving in and out of traffic before driving the wrong way through a roundabout and crashing into a tree in a Warana industrial area.

Witnesses offered to call the men a cab, but the trio became physically and verbally abusive before running away and hiding from police in trees.

Churchin pleaded guilty in Maroochydore District Court yesterday to entering a dwelling by means of a break and threatening to use violence while in company, robbery with actual violence while armed, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, entering a dwelling and commiting an indictable offence and drunk driving.

The other two men involved haven't had their cases finalised in court yet.

There were issues during sentencing as the first victim and another witness referred to the men as "they" and only occasionally distinguished between their actions.

Defence barrister Mark McCarthy argued this distinction was important as Churchin had "lesser" culpability as he didn't make the threats.

Judge Gary Long ordered the sentencing be adjourned to a date to be fixed so the court could get a "better idea of what's going to happen to the other defendants" and to determine the difference between the parties.

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