Affordable housing units will soon hit the Clermont market, alleviating housing pressures.
Affordable housing units will soon hit the Clermont market, alleviating housing pressures.

Clermont housing lots come online

FAMILIES waiting and wanting to move to Clermont will be given that option after new housing lots come on line.

The Clermont Community Business Group said the outlook for the resource and farming town was bright, and the local economy was positive.

"We've had a little hiccup with Rio Tinto over the past few days indicating they're going to rationalise their staff," CCBG spokesman Tony Upton said.

"But offsetting that a little is the Adani Mine up the road which is starting to use the town at the moment.

"There are a few other mining interests around which are starting to get involved in the town."

Mr Upton said there was a sense of apprehension blanketing the town in the lead-up to Rio Tinto's announcement of which jobs to cut in an attempt to remain competitive on the global market, but a promising indication the company would remain long term was its investment in housing developments.

"Like any business, they are just having a look at overall costs," Mr Upton said.

"The main drivers are that coal prices are down and the dollar is up.

"Rio Tinto tends to look after the general community (and) they do try to encourage a residential workforce."

There are currently two developments in the beginning stages taking form in Clermont.

The Daintree and Sirius St complex will boast up to 22 units, which, Mr Upton says, will be a great benefit to the community.

The first stage of the Macdonald Flats Rd development is nearing completion with 80 duplexes, greatly relieving the rental market and housing availability.

"There is a provision between the council and Rio Tinthat 350 blocks are able to be developed," Mr Upton said.

"The rental market is tight at the moment. It is very strong with very little available and the rents are still climbing."

While they remained lower than other mining towns such as Dysart and Moranbah, Mr Upton said the average rental prices were quickly becoming unviable for non-resource employed families.

"About 50 families want to establish in Clermont but they can't because there is no accommodation available."

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