How did we get here? The last of my brood is leaving school

STOP the world.  I don't want to get off but I do want it to stop for a while so I can sit quietly and catch my breath because right now the days are spinning by at an alarming rate.

In just a few more sleeps I will no longer have any children at school.

And that is ridiculous! Over the last 19 years I have always had at least one school-aged child.

How did I get to this point so damn fast?  Obviously it has taken years to get to this point but in my heart it really does feel like it has happened way too fast.

I clearly remember Miss 17 being excited about going to big school with her sister, I remember how massive her uniform looked and how the bag was almost tipping her over backwards once we put her lunch box in it.

That was 12 years ago, yet it is still crystal clear in my mind.  Fast forward to this week and  she's excited about what lies ahead and she's more than a little thrilled about walking out of the school gates for the last time.  The check list of things she won't miss is long but at the top of it: no more home work, school rules or school uniforms.

I keep reminding myself that this should be all about her. But while she's celebrating and packing her bags for schoolies I am left reeling. I feel old, I feel proud, I feel like I've reached a cross roads in my own life and can see that there is now more time for "me".

And then there are the moments  when I realise I'm struggling  to see through tears that have appeared for no particular reason at all, other than a memory of the little girl she was has flashed across my mind.

So I'm putting it out there - who else is feeling this mixed bag of emotions as a darling child walks away from childhood and into the big, wide world? How are you coping? And what advice do you have that will help me make the best of this special time? 

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