Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose
Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose

How a nude selfie ended Kim and Amber's feud

Amber Rose says she and Kim Kardashian West are "good now".

The two businesswomen recently put their previous feuding behind them and although Amber admitted she will never bury the hatchet with Kim's husband, Amber's ex Kanye West, she insisted that she and Kim now "accept each other" for who they are.

She told the Daily Beast: "The thing is, me and Kim will probably -I won't say we'll never be friends, but we accept each other for who we are, and that's the most important thing as women." 

"I don't get along with her husband - I don't think we'll ever be the best of friends - but it's good that we understand who we both are, got all that s**t out on the table, and can just move on with our lives knowing that the Internet is mostly what gave us the beef we had.

"We didn't naturally have any beef with each other, the Internet just naturally instigated everything. So we got it all out and it's all good now."

Amber - who defended Kim after she was slammed for posting a naked selfie earlier this month - also hit out at the sexism in Hollywood, claiming that her past as a stripper and Kim's sex tape with her ex Ray J are constantly mentioned in order to demean them.

She said: "They come at me and Kim so hard because I was a stripper and she had a sex tape. We've both been in movies, and we take our acting, business ventures, and everything else very seriously.

"No one gives a f**k that Channing Tatum was a stripper," she said.

"He's an established actor who's at the Vanity Fair parties and the Oscars, but for me, no matter how far I go in my life, I see these stories that keep referring to me as a 'former stripper.'

"No one says 'former stripper' about Channing Tatum, or 'former McDonald's worker' about Brad Pitt. No one does that to men.

"And furthermore, if a man was to post a semi-nude selfie in the mirror--like The Game, for example--everyone is like, damn, you've got a big d**k, or damn, you've got a nice body. Nobody says, damn, Kim had a f**in' baby and that bitch looks bangin' as f**k! Nobody says that! They just criticise her because she's a mom."

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