Stancia Guthrie has lost 30kg since 2014 and wants to lose more weight.
Stancia Guthrie has lost 30kg since 2014 and wants to lose more weight. Shakira Sellen

Mackay woman's extraordinary weight loss journey

BEING able to fit into and feel comfortable in a pair of jeans is the goal for Stancia Guthrie.

Ms Guthrie has lost 30kg since she started her weight loss mission back in 2014, but she's not finished yet.

It started with a routine doctor's appointment and being talked to about the dreaded 'D' word, then she knew it was time for a drastic lifestyle change.

"About two years ago I went to the doctor and he said 'you're borderline diabetic to me'," she said.

Ms Guthrie said that was the wake up call she needed; she doesn't want to have to rely on medication for the rest of her life. Dressing for her best friend's wedding one day, she realised she had to lose weight.

"I had two outfits and on the day of the wedding I couldn't fit into either of them," she said.

"I had to mix and match."

When she retires she wants to climb a mountain and travel to Africa.

"I want to run a 5km too," she said. She wants to achieve her goals on her bucket list without having the health problems.

To keep the weight off Ms Guthrie uses a healthy meal plan provided by a pharmacy, rides to and from work and walks when she can.

"Walking is extra on top of the bike riding," she said.

Ms Guthrie has a sweet tooth and does still let herself indulge every now and then.

"I still have my Pepsi Max," she said.

By the end of the year she wants to lose another 17kg; her goal weight is 70kg.

"It is a hard journey," she said.

"But once you get going it's just amazing.

"I'm determined to get this weight off because it's been a lifelong journey."

Ms Guthrie has promised herself two treats when she reaches her goal weight by the end of this year.

Most of all? She just wants to wear and feel comfortable in a pair of jeans.

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