LOCAL SUPPORT: Panellists discuss how local businesses can go about securing mining contracts.
LOCAL SUPPORT: Panellists discuss how local businesses can go about securing mining contracts. Kelly Butterworth Emechdc

How to get a CQ mine contract - panel informs businesses

LOCAL small businesses have been urged to build partnerships and get their name out to the big companies to increase their chances of getting business.

At a panel discussion at the conference on Wednesday, five panellists sat down to answer the tough questions of local business owners.

BMA manager of supply excellence Brooklyn Coyle, CHRC chief executive officer Scott Mason and 4T Consultants director Bronwyn Reid were joined by Abraham et al principal John Abraham and Queensland Resources Council director of economic and infrastructure policy David Rynne.

Among discussions on the difficulty faced by local businesses in getting on the supplier "in list" of big resource companies, CHRC's Mr Mason said the council could be doing more to help.


"I think one of the things council does wrong is, and I'm speaking in general, is it underestimates its ability to make a difference," he said.

"We do spend a lot of money; our budget for 2012/13 was in the order of $220 million, of that budget $105m was for goods and services, about $40m goes locally."


BMA's Ms Coyle responded to questions from local business owners wanting to know how to navigate the big companies and find the right person to pitch to.


"Knowing who your stakeholders are is absolutely critical," Ms Coyle said.

"We have a supply function ... it's very difficult to navigate through that group, who to contact, who is the right contact.

"Try to use your site contacts to see who your supplier relationship needs to be with.

"Engage with the right people ... I think that's absolutely critical."


Ms Coyle said networking was a key element.

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