Stressed pets like a safe bed in a storm.
Stressed pets like a safe bed in a storm. David Nielsen

How to calm pets during storms

THE Gympie RSPCA is warning pets are more likely to run away during storms.

Manager Rebecca Brazier said after Saturday's storm the shelter was inundated with pets.

She said dogs were prone to being stressed in storms and known to have broken through glass and fencing to escape during wild weather.

To keep pets calm and less likely to run away there are a number of things you can do.

One is to create a small, safe bed. Ms Brazier suggested doing it in the laundry and getting your pet used to it before storms hit.

She said it was also good to have someone calm and relaxed at home with your pet during a storm - pets were less likely to be stressed if humans were calm.

"Reward them for calm behaviour, put a child's T-shirt on them or use rescue remedy," she also suggested.

Calming music, massaging and keeping pets indoors with everything closed up so they can't see lightning can also help.

In case your pet does escape put contact details on its collar and register it with the council.

Microchipping, however, was the best way to make sure you can be reunited with a lost pet.

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