TIME TO BUY: Tapping into customers’ emotions is one way of motivating them to buy goods or services.
TIME TO BUY: Tapping into customers’ emotions is one way of motivating them to buy goods or services. Vicki Wood

How to press the buy button

CAN understanding the brain change the way we market ourselves, our businesses and our regions? Can what we know about the brain predict what people will buy or help find a simple way to press their "buy" button?

I recently attended a workshop delivered by an American expert in neuromarketing and neurosales (more about that later).

It got me thinking about whether you really can predict and even stimulate the part of the brain that motivates people to buy. While many of these strategies have been used in retail environments, it has some very valid lessons in terms of building your own brand and that of your business.

Neuromarketing is becoming more and more popular. Neuromarketing is a science that's based on the fact that 95% of all thoughts, emotions, and learning occur before we are ever aware of it. That means most of us are actually only talking to 5% of our potential customers' brains.

In 2008, a team of scientists in Germany published a study showing how the brain unconsciously prepares our decisions: that several seconds before we consciously decide what we're going to do, its outcome can be predicted by looking at activity in our grey matter.

So back to the workshop I attended. It was delivered by a man called Christophe Morin, the "chief pain officer" of SalesBrain, a neuromarketing agency in the states (website http://www.salesbrain.com. It has a neuromap for marketing which is well worth a look).

Here are some of his key tips in using neuromarketing or neurosales strategies.

Don't Make It About You

Spend less time talking about how great you are and more time talking about how you're going to help a potential buyer

Don't Take Too Long

Our brains are overloaded with information. Keep it simple and sweet

Seeing Is Better than Reading

What our eyes see connects directly with the unconscious parts of the brain. Keep it as visual as visual as possible.

Have a Strong Start and a Big Finish

The brain notices how you begin and how you end more than what you're saying in the middle.

Stay Simple

If you're too clever or too abstract, our brains are going to want to move on.

Employ Emotion

Emotion hits our underground intellect more powerfully than the most effectively worded argument.

Many points made here simply confirm marketing advice given over the years, but neuromarketing demonstrates there is real scientific validity to these recommendations.

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