How you can save $250 on Christmas gifts this year

Cameras are on the list of Christmas gift ideas. But would you buy one second hand?
Cameras are on the list of Christmas gift ideas. But would you buy one second hand?

AUSTRALIANS will fork out close to $10 billion on Christmas gifts this year.

That's a staggering $700 per person.

And almost 9 in 10 of us say it will put a strain on our finances.

So why don't more of spend a little less?

And why wouldn't we buy secondhand gifts for our family and friends.

Jewellery is a popular Christmas gift idea.
Jewellery is a popular Christmas gift idea.

According to online reseller Gumtree, we could save up to 50% by buying secondhand gifts.

If we saved an average of $250 each, that would wipe $3.6 billion off the nation's Christmas bill.

It's probably not an idea that is popular with local retailers who rely heavily on Christmas shopping to pay their staff and their bills throughout the year.

And many will question whether a secondhand gift is a little tacky.

Headphones are a popular item to buy secondhand.
Headphones are a popular item to buy secondhand.

Gumtree gives the example of Melissa,  a 41-year-old woman living in Bryden, Queensland, who purchased a necklace as a gift for her best friend because she could not afford a brand new one.

She saved over $200 and her best friend loved it so much she asked Melissa where she had purchased it so she could get something similar for another friend. Melissa admitted to purchasing the necklace online on Gumtree and told her friend to keep an eye on the site.

Would you buy a secondhand gift for a friend?
Would you buy a secondhand gift for a friend?

According to Gumtree, more than three quarters of Australians say they would consider buying someone a second hand or vintage item as a Christmas gift this year and surprisingly, cost savings are just one of the appealing benefits.

Most of those surveyed noted that giving a second hand gift is not just about saving money, but rather finding the perfect gift that is bespoke, unique or one-of-a-kind as the biggest motivator (76%) for shopping second hand.

Would you buy a secondhand gift for someone?

This poll ended on 30 November 2016.

Current Results

Yes. You can get more for your money


No. It's cheap


No. I would be worried it is faulty


Depends on who it is for


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

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Despite the convincing cost savings, some shoppers admitted they still weren't tempted to buy second hand due to the perceived stigma associated with it.

Close to a third of Australians (36%) believe people would think they are cheap while others are put off because the item could look second hand (33%).

The top 10 most wanted Christmas gifts this year are:

  • Jewellery - 1.3 million Australians
  • Clothing - 1.3 million Australians
  • iPad tablet - 900,000 Australians
  • Smart phone/iPhone - 895,000 Australians
  • Home accessories - 782,000 Australians
  • Sporting equipment - 630,000 Australians
  • Headphone speakers - 603,000 Australians
  • BBQ - 582,000 Australians
  • Camera - 564,000 Australians
  • Smartwatch - 400,000 Australians

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