HELPING HAND: Hanson driver Brian Smith, Mark Wilson, Wayne Forno and TWU NSW Branch president George Clarke.
HELPING HAND: Hanson driver Brian Smith, Mark Wilson, Wayne Forno and TWU NSW Branch president George Clarke. Contributed

Huge support in Mark’s time of need

WHETHER it's a blue with the boss or a family emergency, Mark Wilson has always been there for his workmates at Hanson Concrete in the Blue Mountains and for his family in Penrith, Western Sydney.

Together with his wife Vicki, Mark cares for his daughter Keely, who has severe intellectual and physical disabilities.

Vicki had to stop work to care for Keely and the family do it tough on Mark's income from Hanson.

Mark, a long-standing TWU delegate, was recently diagnosed with a form of cancer so aggressive that his surgeon said to go on the public waiting list would be a death sentence, and an immediate operation would cost $15,000.

Like most hardworking families, the Wilsons didn't have that kind of money at hand and the plan was to "put the $15,000 on the credit card and see how we go paying it off".

Mark has fought for other people, his family and his workmates all his life so, when we heard about Mark's struggle, we knew we had to act.

We put the call out to members to support the Wilsons in whatever way they could.

The response was simply amazing.

Donations flowed in from Mark's mates in the yard, guys who knew him as a long-standing delegate and from people who'd never even met him before.

What's more, the rank-and-file administrative committee of the TWU New South Wales made a decision to contribute to the family.

The response from TWU members and the community was so strong that A Current Affair ran a story on Mark and his family and Deals Direct, a sponsor of the show, contributed a further $10,000.

In the end, we didn't just raise the $15,000 needed - we helped raise more than $27,000 for the operation and Mark's ongoing care.

Mark came through his operation well, but he now faces a long struggle ahead with further treatment over the coming weeks and months.

But he can be sure that he's got everyone here at the TWU in his corner standing by him.

If you would like to support Mark and his family, you can donate online.

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