A tiger shark.
A tiger shark. © iStockphoto.com.au/Amanda Cotton

Shark feeding frenzy near Noosa

HUNDREDS of sharks, some up to 4.5m long, have been filmed in a feeding frenzy off a beach north of Noosa this morning.

The crew of the AGL Action Rescue Chopper said they spotted the school of sharks off Teewah, about 10km north of Noosa.

They were flying back from Fraser Island when they saw large schools of bait fish being surrounded by sharks, some only 20m from the beach.

Aircrew officer Rick Harvey was not on the chopper but said he had seen video footage taken by the night crew.

The sharks were seen along a 70km stretch of beach between Double Island Point and Noosa.

Mr Harvey said members of the night crew had been working for the rescue team for a long time and had never seen schools of fish and sharks that size before.

He said no sharks were seen south of Teewah but the lifeguard was notified as a precaution.

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