Sorely missed: Murdered Rockhampton schoolgirl Keyra Steinhardt.
Sorely missed: Murdered Rockhampton schoolgirl Keyra Steinhardt. Supplied

Mum angry over murderer's inquest

IT has been three years since the death of Leonard Fraser, but the grief in the hearts of his victims’ families has far from disappeared.

Treasa Steinhardt, the mother of murdered Rockhampton schoolgirl Keyra Steinhardt, is angry that a coronial inquest has been scheduled so long after the killer’s death.

“Why after so long?” she said yesterday.

“Why open it? Let it be.”

She predicted the inquest would drag up painful memories for many people in Rockhampton.

Ms Steinhardt only moved back to Rockhampton in May this year after nine years of trying to escape the grief and trying to re-establish the relationship with her son.

“I even spent a year in Canada because I thought that’d be far enough away.

“But I realised that no matter where you live or how far you travel, the hurt is always with you.”

“There is no peace, there’s never any peace. You try to put it in the back of your mind but every day is a reminder.”

Ms Steinhardt described coming back to Rockhampton as “scary” and “like walking into a time machine”.

“At the North Rockhampton Police Station there’s the plaque on the cement. That reminds me of a movie star.

“I believe she’s the hero to this case, she caught him. I believe she left enough proof behind to catch him.”

The area around Berserker and Dean streets and the PCYC Keyra used to visit are also reminders of her outgoing nine-year-old daughter.

“There’s the sadness, but there’s also the pride, happiness and joy she did bring.

“Rockhampton is a big part of her.”

And as hard as coming back has been, Ms Steinhardt has discovered the joy of getting to know her son once more.

“I feel I’ve got my son back, and he’s got his mother back.

“My heart died a very long time ago, but he’s slowly filling it up with hugs and kisses.

“When I look at my son, I know why I’ve got to stay.”

Ms Steinhardt questioned the use of public funds to pay for the coronial inquest.

“It’s a waste of time, and big money probably.”

The inquiry into the January 1, 2007, death of Fraser is scheduled to start on June 16 at the Brisbane Law Courts.

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