I just snapped: accused murderer

ACCUSED murderer Shaun Ross Andrew told police he 'snapped' and stabbed his ex-partner 'seven to ten times' in an interview conducted the day after her death.

A DVD recording of the police interview was played in Rockhampton Supreme Court as part of Andrew's murder trial.

Andrew stands accused of murdering 23-year-old Joelean Lee Watson on the evening of December 3, 2008 by stabbing her over 20 times with a multi-tool knife.

Andrew allegedly had seen her shopping earlier that day with another man.

In the police interview, conducted by Gladstone officers Detective Sergeant Tony Morris and Detective Sergeant Allen Cook, Andrew admitted to stabbing Ms Watson.

"I got real angry and just lost control and grabbed the knife," Andrew told police.

"I just snapped."

"It's all like a bad memory."

Andrew estimated he stabbed Ms Watson "seven to ten" times to the chest and back.

The last blow, to her back, Andrew stated "went all the way in."

"That's when I stopped."

He stated the Letterman multi-tool he used was initially on the floor of the bedroom with the blade exposed because he was contemplating suicide the night before.

The court heard Ms Watson had attended Andrew's address that evening to collect the rest of her things so she could move in with her mother in Calliope.

Once there, Andrew claimed the two became involved in an argument.

"I got angry," he told police.

"Obviously once I had the knife I didn't think 'stop' or anything."

"I grabbed her by the mouth so she wouldn't yell."

After stabbing Ms Watson, Andrew claimed he waited around an hour and a half until night fell so he could commit suicide.

"I honestly just paced backwards and forwards in the room," he said.

"I was biding my time so I could do myself."

Andrew allegedly attempted to gas himself in his car before changing his mind and attending the gladstone police station just before 8pm.

He has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Ms Watson, but yesterday stated he wished to plea guilty to manslaughter.

The trial will continue this afternoon.

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