“I know what you did last night”

A SUNSHINE Coast man who crushed sleeping tablets in his former wife's pie so he could rape her has successfully argued his seven-year jail sentence was too long.

The 38-year-old man, who cannot be named to protect the woman's identity, had offered to cook pies for a final Sunday dinner with his family before he moved out in an agreed separation.

The pair had dinner with their two children on June 18, 2006, but the woman became disoriented, then woke up in her bath without any recollection of how she got there.

She gradually recalled her former husband raping her, yelling at her that she was going to let other men do this now.

As it all came back to her the next day, she rang him and said "I know what you did last night" and he feigned ignorance.

They separated for six months, reconciled for 18 months and eventually separated for good in July, 2008.

When he was sentenced in 2012, the man was living on the Sunshine Coast with his new wife and their baby son.

He was sentenced to seven years jail after pleading guilty to stupefying his former wife with Stilnox and then raping her twice, but has now appealed that sentence.

Court of Appeal Justice Martin Daubney, in a judgment handed down on Friday, said the man voluntarily underwent extensive psychiatric treatment, including medication, to address his sexually excessive behaviour.

Justice Daubney and two other appeal justices agreed insufficient weight was given to this.

The justices reduced the head sentence to six years, with parole eligibility in February 2014, after he has served 20 months.

A psychologist's report tendered at sentence detailed his "hypersexuality" which might have origins in early exposure to abusive sexual behaviour within his family and an "adventurous girlfriend" in his late teens.

The victim still has flashbacks and cannot sleep without her door locked.

In her victim impact statement, the woman said she had long-lasting emotional scare "which I believe will never truly go away".

She said she began self-harming and drinking heavily but has stopped that "negative behaviour" after much counselling which had created a further financial burden.

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