Ian Burnett will take over as AgForce president in November.
Ian Burnett will take over as AgForce president in November.

Burnett moves into top AgForce job

LOCAL landholders will have a direct path to the top following the announcement Emerald-based grain and beef producer Ian Burnett will take over the reins as AgForce president in November.

After serving two terms as AgForce vice-president, Mr Burnett recently won the vote of the organisation's 6500 members and is set to be the next in charge following an official handover ceremony at the AGM.

"My team understands that it is very important to really negotiate and engage with the new LNP government; I think there is a real opportunity there," Mr Burnett said.

"My first goal is to continue the good work that AgForce has been doing.

"I think some of the major issues surround land tenure, lease arrangements and vegetation management - some of the vegetation management regulations can be very restricting for landholders."

Mr Burnett was born and raised north of Clermont on a commercial beef cattle and dryland farming operation.

In 1982 he progressed to an undeveloped irrigation property in Emerald.

He said this was no time to be complacent.

Landholders are continually faced with the expansion of the resources industry, which involves all the associated infrastructure that goes with it, the pipes and railways.

"There's a range of issues that come with that expansion and, from an AgForce perspective, it's important we connect with members so their voices are heard and well represented," he said.

He said another major issue revolved around landholders' ability to run a good, solid and profitable business in what was essentially an industry dictated by prices.

"What we are seeing is that there have been a lot of cost increases and often the prices haven't kept up with that increase," Mr Burnett said.

Mr Burnett will take over from the outgoing Brent Finlay.

Also good news for local members was that Rolleston's Christine Rolfe was elected AgForce Treasurer.

Darcy Volz from Charleville was elected vice-president.

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