Ice addict's long fall from grace

THE long fall from grace of violent drug addicted one-man crime wave Geoffrey Declan Foran started with a simple hit of the drug ice.

He pleaded guilty to more than 30 charges including kidnapping, drugs and violence stemming from the use and sale of methamphetamine and Brisbane Supreme Court jailed the former north Queensland resident for seven years.

But with time served and an early parole date, the 29-year-old Bundaberg father of one could be back on the streets in four months.

Foran's extended crime spree started in August of 2014, around the time he had his first taste of ice.

The crime spree spanning almost two years began when the Irish-born tradie and his little brother jumped into a car driven by a former employer.

Foran used a pair of tin snips to hack at the victim's legs before dragging him from the car. A passer-by intervened but Foran also assaulted that good Samaritan.

He was charged with assault and other offences and spent about seven months in jail until he was released on bail.

It didn't take long for the thug to return to his old ways, with police locking him up on more offences.

Three days later, he was back on the streets, managing to not breach his new bail conditions for about three months.

Instead of staying clean, he decided to assault the father of a person who owed him money. He was again bailed but was soon caught with almost 5g of ice, about $11,000 cash and a shotgun.

While in police custody he stole some pens before threatening to cover police officers in blood from a scab that he scratched on his shoulder.

Police searched his home and found a further 5g of ice plus other drugs and he was locked up until he received bail in June last year.

He breached bail again in September of 2016.

Instead of going quietly with police, he stole a car, drove dangerously through the small central Queensland town of Childers and eventually broke into the home of an elderly couple and held them at gunpoint.

The 65-year-old male victim managed to get hold of Foran's loaded shotgun, forcing the criminal to flee in the pair's car.

Foran dumped that car and drove off in another until he was caught by police.

Justice Helen Bowskill noted Foran was leading a crime-free life and even working to help rebuild north Queensland in the wake of Cyclone Yasi when his fall from grace started.

"You're another example of the conduct we see in this court where people are out of control because of the drug ice,” Justice Helen Bowskill told Foran.

"It is just outrageous conduct on your behalf.

"You had a complete disregard of the law, of your personal safety and the safety of the public.”

In sentencing Foran to seven years behind bars with parole after 24 months, Justice Bowskill said she took into account the defendant's early guilty plea, his mental health problems and his attempt to kick his drug habit. - NewsRegional

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