disappearance from Maroochydore 19 years ago.
disappearance from Maroochydore 19 years ago. John Mccutcheon

I’ll look for my Mum until I die

FOR 19 years, Dwayne Cunningham has lived a life of unimaginable sorrow.

From morning until night, the Maroochydore man is plagued by questions about what happened to his mother Deirdre Cunningham.

Now he has had to admit he may never know the truth.

Mrs Cunningham (pictured) went missing in June 1994 and is presumed to have been murdered.

There are nights when Mr Cunningham wakes at midnight to read police files, old newspaper articles and statements in the hope of piecing together his mother's mystery.

Last month, the 50-year-old even called on Queensland Justice Minister Jarrod Bleijie to put pressure on police to reopen the cold case.

And that's when he was hit by a bombshell.

The man he believes was responsible for her death had died in 2011.

Now Mr Cunningham is struggling to come to terms with the fact he may never know how his mother died or where her body is hidden.

"Closure is what I search for in life and it is all that keeps me going," he said.

"I will never give up looking for Mum, absolutely

never. I don't care what it takes.

"If I grow old and die not knowing, then that's just how it is."

Mrs Cunningham was 49 when she vanished after leaving a party at Hinley Ave, Maroochydore, early on Sunday, June 12, 1994.

No one has heard from her since. Her bank accounts have not been touched. No clues have come to light.

Mr Cunningham said his mum was a "little dynamite", a loving mother and friend, who would never have left without telling him.

"I know Mum really well and I know she wouldn't disappear. She had too much in life to look forward to," he said.

"She drove a 3500-tonne crane as a job and tried to get her licence to fly planes. That's how out there she was.

"Never in a million years would she have left."

Mrs Cunningham lived in Beerwah for two years after relocating from NSW.

At the time she disappeared, she was in a relationship with a man called Colin Rossow.

She also had just purchased a property at Miriam Vale, near Bundaberg.

Early in their investigation, police named Mr Rossow as a suspect in her disappearance and suspected murder.

Despite being questioned numerous times over the years, he was never convicted of any wrongdoing.

When Mr Cunningham was told of Mr Rossow's death, he was devastated.

"I was pretty upset and I thought that was the end of it, it's all over and I will never find out," he said. "I only have one option left and that's to try a television program that specialises in finding missing people.

"There has to be someone who knows something. I know there is."

Mr Cunningham said if his mother's remains were found, he would bury them in a deep grave next to his father, who died in 2000.

"Daniel Morcombe gave me hope when his body was found in 2011," he said.

"I know one day Mum will be found as well and I can give her the burial she deserves.

"Until then, I will persevere and continue to search for answers."

Mr Bleijie issued a statement saying that he sympathised with Mr Cunningham.

"I can appreciate how upsetting it must be to come to terms with a loved one's disappearance and be left seeking answers for as long as Mr Cunningham has," he said.

"I contacted the Minister for Police, Jack Dempsey, on Mr Cunningham's behalf and I'm advised that the investigation into Mrs Cunningham's disappearance remains open."

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