FILE PHOTO: Booze lined up at a pub.
FILE PHOTO: Booze lined up at a pub. Megan Lewis

'I'm a regular': Woman abuses staff, runs away with booze

A Gladstone woman who tried to take a rain-check in paying for her booze told staff members she was a "regular" and would be back to foot the bill on pay day.

Mother of three, Jacqueline Belinda Hindmarsh, pleaded guilty in the Gladstone Magistrates Court to one count of stealing.

The court was told on August 25 at 4.40pm she walked into a liquor store on Philip St, grabbed a number of items and placed them down on the counter.

She told the staff member on the check-out that she was a regular, and would be back to pay for the items on Tuesday after she got paid.

However, when the staff member told her that it wasn't store policy to do so, Hindmarsh got aggressive.

She grabbed the items off the counter in an attempt to take them without paying.

The staff member also grabbed the items and told Hindmarsh she couldn't take the bottles with her.

Hindmarsh told the employee: "Get out of my way or I'll smash this over your head".

There was a struggle, but the staff member came off second best and Hindmarsh left the store with a bottle of whiskey, a Chardonnay, two bottles of Shiraz and some soft drink worth $79.

Defence lawyer Rio Ramos said her client was intoxicated at the time and had no funds to pay for the booze.

She said her client had been to the alcohol shop on occasion and the staff "knew her".

She said her client had been drinking after finding out her ex-partner wanted nothing to do with her.

Gladstone magistrate Melanie Ho said she understood the woman was going through a tough time.

"There are women's health centre's around to assist you - remember, it's his loss not yours."

Ms Ho imposed a $150 fine, a conviction was recorded.

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