GPS helps cops find stolen phones

IT WAS a smartphone that led to Patricia Margaret Walker's downfall.

The 19-year-old faced the Rockhampton Magistrates Court last week after police used the GPS system in a stolen iPhone to track the device to her mother's house.

The court heard a couple at Strutters Nightclub had put their iPhones on a table and were standing nearby chatting when Walker and a friend took the phones and walked out of the nightclub.

The couple noticed their phones were missing and walked out of the club, using a friend's phone to call their stolen phones and heard one of them ringing nearby.

They approached the two women to ask for their phones back, when the pair jumped into the back of a car and drove away.

The couple then phoned police who used the GPS system in one of the phones to track it down to an address at Koongal.

They found one phone in the backyard and Walker produced the other one from a room in the house.

She told police she hadn't realised her friend had taken the phones from the table inside the nightclub at the time but had been given them after they had left the club.

She said she was extremely intoxicated at the time and refused to tell police the identity of her friend.

Walker pleaded guilty to 10 offences on the day, two of which were receiving tainted property in relation to the stolen phones.

Walker was sentenced to 18 months probation.

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