Bid date pushed to 2015

IN RELATIVE terms, the year 2015 may seem like light years away to most CQ Bid fans in the Central Highlands.

A lot can happen in the three seasons of rugby league to be played between now and the new date for franchise expansion set by NRL chief executive David Gallop.

Not that it’s worrying CQ NRL Bid’s top-dog Denis Keeffe, or their chairman Geoff Murphy who see ample opportunity in pushing the planned expansion date back by 12-months.

“When enormous change occurs in any venture or business, the operatives must be sure that all procedures and processes have been fully researched and any perceived discrepancies eliminated,” Dennis said in a statement.

“This process is referred to as “performing risk assessment” and sometimes many scenarios have to be tested and outcomes evaluated before change is implemented.”

What Keeffe wanted to avoid was the ‘overnight success’ tactics employed by some of the rival NRL Bids, and their predatory motives.

“To rush into such a mammoth project as establishing an expansion NRL club virtually overnight is ridiculous and, I suggest, doomed to failure,” he said.

“For them to abuse David Gallop and accuse him of procrastination is simply wrong. If they were honest and not so dismissive they would thank David Gallop for making the process thorough so all considerations can be analysed in the ‘cold light of day’ and not ‘in panic mode’.”

Coining the old adage “preparation is everything”, Keeffe said they can wait until 2015 for the announcement of the NRL team.

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