HORROR CRASH: Crash East and Stanley Street.
HORROR CRASH: Crash East and Stanley Street. Adam Wratten Rokawcrash

How on earth did this happen? Man lucky to be alive

A HORROR crash where a man was lucky to escape alive on Monday has led to much discussion on Facebook about the intersection and Rockhampton drivers.

Brodie Smith said he was lucky to be alive after being involved in a horror crash on the corner of Stanley and East Streets.

He can remember his food truck utility sliding for a "fair bit" before flipping and landing on top of another driver's station wagon.

The Gracemere resident said he was tee-boned by an elderly man in a grey Corolla who failed to give way at the intersection around 10.20am.

He was shaken but otherwise unharmed as he recalled the horror of the accident. 

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Many readers posted comments about their near misses, or accidents where their cars were written off, at that intersection.

"I've had my car written off a few years ago on the same corner! Same reason, other driver failed to give way. It's been a bad spot for ages," Steph McBean said.

"Yeah I also wrote my car off at this intersection less than 6 months ago... same way another driver failing to give way...," Kelly Schubert said.

Kelsey Acutt said she has been nicked at this intersection too. "Fortunately it was just a bit of paint off and a small dent. I avoid it now if I can."

What do you think is the biggest cause of accidents at the Stanley St/ East St intersection?

This poll ended on 27 May 2016.

Current Results

Trucks blocking views of oncoming traffic


Driver inattention


Poor design of intersection


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Darcy Hall said that intersection needs some serious attention, way too many near misses there, people always speed through the area and the trucks parked to the right block all view of oncoming traffic! It needs some traffic lights.

Rockhampton driving instructor Leyland Barnett posted a number of comments on Facebook throughout the day, highlighting the intersection's blind spots and driver inattention as reasons there are so many accidents.

"This is a bad intersection because of blind spots created by parked trucks," he said.

"Could be a combination of both speed and inattention?

"When you can't see properly you should proceed cautiously out until you can see so that any other motorists can see you and react appropriately by slowing down and looking for eye contact.

"If no eye contact stop."

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