POINT TO PROVE: Veronica Filo, Natasha McKenzie and Samantha Plant celebrate body art.
POINT TO PROVE: Veronica Filo, Natasha McKenzie and Samantha Plant celebrate body art. Contributed

Inked Beauties paint different picture of women with tatts

THEY'RE tall, blonde, leggy and have plenty of va-va-voom. They're also covered in tattoos and love it.

Sunshine Coast woman Samantha Plant is on a mission to make tattooed women, like herself, more accepted.

"Due to the stigma that comes with tattoos, women find themselves hiding their ink to avoid judgement by the public," she said.

For three years she has hosted Inked Beauties, a Queensland tattooed modelling competition to showcase just how gorgeous women with ink are.

With the Sunshine Coast heat and grand final just weeks away, plenty of girls who have braved the needle were lining up to take part.

The competition comes at a touchy time for tattooed women.

Comments aired on Channel 7 Sunrise earlier this week which suggested tattooed women weren't attractive, saw thousands of chicks with ink fire up in defence.

"For so many people their lifelong artwork tells a story of their beliefs, life journey and passions," Mrs Plant said. "I understand that tattoos aren't for everyone but Inked Beauties is here to celebrate the art and culture of our generation, without discrimination."

Mrs Plant said anti-tattoo movements encouraged her to further push tattooed women into the mainstream.

The Sunshine Coast heat for Inked Beauties will be held on June 6 at Wharf Tavern Mooloolaba. For more information visit prestigeproductions.com.au

When it comes to tattoos, what's worse?

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Tattoos in general. They're an eyesore.


People who judge. They're petty and disgusting.


Trying to get them removed, it's expensive and painful.


Being treated like a criminal because you enjoy body art.


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