Crowd favourite: Cleofatra soaks up the applause.
Crowd favourite: Cleofatra soaks up the applause. Supplied

Ipswich acts lead TV talent quest

NOT only have they wowed the judges on Australia’s Got Talent, but Ipswich belly dancing duo Idell Wadley and Rachelle Houston also have set tongues wagging across the nation.

The pair, as alter-egos Cleofatra and Shahairyzade respectively, performed a comedy belly dancing act on the television show on Tuesday night to rave reviews from the judges.

Not only did Brian McFadden and Danni Minogue give their act the thumbs, but infamously harsh judge Kyle Sandilands also gave the act his seal of approval.

“I thought I would not enjoy it, but I really enjoyed it. You hypnotised me,” he said after their performance.

With the judges sending them through to the next round of finals, the pair is flying off today for some special filming in Sydney.

“We’ve received heaps of emails, texts and phone calls from people all over the place who saw us on the show and have given us great feedback,” Ms Houston said.

Cleofatra, aka Idell Wadley, said the pair would be busy rehearsing their next act for the semi-finals, which is due to be broadcast to a live studio audience in mid-May.

“We were extremely excited that we could mention we were from Ipswich on the show, because not many other acts did,” she said.

“We’ve received a lot of kind words from friends and family as well from the belly dancing community across Australia.”

But the belly dancers were not the only Ipswich act to make it through to the next round.

Brother and sister musical duo Adil (guitar) and Maimuna (vocals) Memon also impressed judges with their stunning acoustic number.

Adil, 15, attends Ipswich Grammar School while Maimuna, 17, attends Ipswich Girls Grammar School.

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