ONE LAST WISH: John and Shelly Morgan have been together for more than 30 years.
ONE LAST WISH: John and Shelly Morgan have been together for more than 30 years. David Nielsen

Man's dying wish after shock cancer diagnosis

WHEN John Morgan went to see his GP about a nasty cough, he thought it was only the flu.

Shockingly, his doctor gave him grim news that left him and his family devastated.

The loving husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather from One Mile was left heartbroken after being told he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

"We were supposed to be in London right now, but my wife Shelly asked me to go to the doctor to have my cough looked at before we left," Mr Morgan said tearfully.

"I went and had an X-ray and it came back cloudy, so the doctor sent me for a CT scan and they found out it was full blown cancer."

Mr Morgan has a mass that is choking the main airway into his lung. He was given emergency radiation because his lung had partially collapsed due to the tumour, and is now undergoing chemotherapy.

Doctors have only given him months to spend as much time as possible alongside family and friends.

Mr Morgan described himself as the type of person who was always healthy, and who "never took a tablet for a headache".

"Now I am riddled with tablets and medication," he said sadly.

The shocking diagnosis has left Mr Morgan trying to pack a lifetime of memories with his loved ones into a short period of time.

He and his wife have been touring the Scenic Rim travelling to all the places they have always wanted to visit.

His family is also trying to ensure he won't miss out on any big milestones by celebrating their family events early.

His granddaughter brought forward her engagement party so she could have photos with her pop, and a special first birthday party, which is due to be celebrated in November, will also be held in the coming months.

The unexpected change of events has left the family struggling to pay some of their bills.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family pay for everyday expenses, as well as contribute towards one last family holiday at Moffat Beach in Caloundra.

With tears in her eyes, Mrs Morgan explained the significance of this destination.

"We have always loved visiting Caloundra. It was where we chose to go as a family every year," she said.

"We want to go back one last time with the entire family to make those precious memories and take lots of pictures. John will still have to undergo treatment while we are away but at least we will all be together one last time."


A LOVING FATHER: Sasha Sandford has described her father John Morgan as a man who has never asked for anything in his life.
A LOVING FATHER: Sasha Sandford has described her father John Morgan as a man who has never asked for anything in his life. David Nielsen

After three decades of marriage, including two vow renewals, Mrs Morgan now must face the harsh reality her life will change forever this year.

"I have been married to this man for 31 years, and he is my everything," she said.

"I don't know how I am going to be able to live without him."

His daughter Sasha Sandford described her dad as the best man she knew.

"He has always been so fit and healthy. Even when he wasn't feeling well, which wasn't very often, he would still go into work because that is the type of man he is," she said.

"He has never asked for anything in his life, so when we told him about the GoFundMe account, he was very taken aback because he didn't want to be seen as a charity.

"I know there are a lot of worse off people out there, but we wanted to do this for him because he is the type of man who is always there to lend a hand."

With an undoubtedly rough road ahead of him, filled with doctors appointments, treatments and uncertainty, Mr Morgan has vowed to fight for as long as he can.

"I won't let this get me. I am going to keep fighting until my last breath," he said.

John's GoFundMe has been trending online and has received support from his wife's family in London, as well as his strong network of friends in Ipswich and Brisbane.

Visit GoFundMe to donate.

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