Ipswich paedophile fights for parole from behind bars

A PAEDOPHILE who was convicted of raping a four year old and filming it has taken the parole board to court after it refused to release him from jail.

The former Ipswich resident wants the board to give further reasons to explain why it rejected his parole application.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard on Monday the man is serving a seven-year jail sentence for child sex offences, including rape that occurred against child who he was living with.

The judge who sentenced him at the time said he should be eligible for parole after serving two-and-a-half years.

The man, who represented himself on Monday, argued the parole board did not consider the judge's recommendation that he be eligible for parole after serving two and a half years behind bars.

He also said the parole board's reasoning should be "higher than just a decision maker whose decisions are purely administrative".

But Justice Glenn Martin told him he was eligible to apply for parole after serving two-and-a-half years and it did not mean he would be immediately released on this date.

The court heard the man was told when being sentenced he was not likely to be granted parole unless he completed programs and counselling.

The court also heard he had not signed forms to allow him to be assessed.

Justice Martin has reserved his decision on whether the parole board should give the man more reasons about why it refused his parole.


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