QT's readers and likers remain faithful to besieged Pisasale

IF AN election for the mayor of Ipswich were held today, would you vote for Paul Pisasale?

It's the question we posed in a poll on the Queensland Times website and a post on our Facebook page yesterday.

The answer to the question so far has been an overwhelming yes.

As soon as the polls appeared midday yesterday, support for the Mayor was overwhelming.

By the middle of the afternoon, 181 votes were cast and 143 or 79% said they would vote for Paul Pisasale as mayor.

Fifteen per cent voted no and 5% said they were not sure.



The post on the QT Facebook page also lit up and attracted 360 comments in the opening hours and they were also heavily in support of the Mayor.

The Ipswich Mayor continues to face scrutiny and remains adamant he has done nothing wrong.

At the weekend, the Mayor stood down from two Local Government Association of Queensland positions pending a State Government investigation into allegations that he had failed to declare donations.

The Local Government Department was investigating whether Cr Pisasale disclosed donations received by his campaign fund Forward Ipswich.

On Monday, the Department announced that a matter involving the Mayor had been referred to the Crime and Misconduct Commission.

If an election for the mayor of Ipswich were held today, would you vote for Paul Pisasale?

This poll ended on 07 June 2014.

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Not sure


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

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