A show-stopping event of grace and power.
A show-stopping event of grace and power. Contributed

Is Bobcat Ballet exceptional art?

IS THE Bobcat Ballet an exceptional piece of art?

Well, Queensland Art seems to think so after naming Mackay's Bobcat Ballet as one of the top eight case studies of exceptional art and culture in Queensland.

MECC convention precinct and events manager Mark Fawcett, who is also involved in Arts Queensland's Local Government Arts and Culture Reference Group, said the case studies provided insight into the strategic learning of artists and organisations through their discussions and reflections about why, and how, they do what they do.

"If we use a fairly basic definition of the word art, which means to create a beautiful thing, hopefully people recognise that the music, lights, special effects and the work done by the drivers and their machines is a creative exercise, which really is admired by many.

"It was chosen as it is a very unique way of bringing our community together, and attracts a very diverse demographic, which is not typical of many arts programs.

"Where else could you find such a diverse group of people listening to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody while watching bobcats do tricks."

Mr Fawcett said the Bobcat Ballet was the brain child of MECC festival and events producer David Gerrand who had heard about a similar event, and had previously organised a golf cart ballet in a previous job.

Mr Fawcett said the first ballet was held in 2009.

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