Is The Block renovation overkill?

I'VE always enjoyed The Block, even more so since becoming a homeowner.

The current Triple Threat season has been one of the most dramatic yet, but that hasn't translated into a larger viewership.

With fiery confrontations, construction dramas, walk-offs and unfinished rooms, it seems the show may have finally pushed its contestants a bit too far.

In an aspirational show like this, it's not nice to see teams fall at the final hurdles.

Last week's stairway and study week was a shocker with only one out of the four teams, Ayden and Jess, finishing the assigned rooms.

And tomorrow's final rooms to be delivered, the outdoor terraces, don't look certain either after Adelaide's Tim and Anastasia walked off the set.

Instead of building up to the crescendo of the auctions, it feels like Triple Threat is finishing in a funk.

What has been great to see is how Ayden and Jess have gone from the underdogs to the top team.

While all-stars Deanne and Darren started strong, they stuffed up their kitchen and dining room.

I hope Jess and Ayden take out the show's grand prize on auction day. The Gold Coast parents have been the ray of positivity on the show and never got caught up in any of the dramas.

Interestingly, the show hasn't been rating as well as previous seasons and I think it might be a sign of reality TV overload.

The tellie is completely saturated with renovation shows this year.

Nine's Renovation Rumble is expected to start straight after The Block, and it will be competing against the first of two seasons of House Rules Channel 7 plans to air this year. That's in addition to Better Homes and Gardens and The Living Room.

I think it's the free-to-air broadcasters' programming that needs a bit of a reno. My bank account can only take so much renovation inspiration.

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