Lead actors Henry James and Geraldine Hakewell star as Harry and Beth in the new movie, Uninhabited.
Lead actors Henry James and Geraldine Hakewell star as Harry and Beth in the new movie, Uninhabited. www.uninhabitedmovie.com

Coast in scary film

A CAPRICORN Coast island will provide the stunning backdrop to the latest Australian ghost movie.

Uninhabited, a film based on actual events on North West Island, will make its Australian premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival on July 24.

The ghost movie, which stems from the experiences of Australian director Bill Bennett, recently spooked out audiences in Cannes during the International Film Festival in May and it's ready to send a chill down the spine of Australian viewers.

Bennett spent 10 days on the island, about 100km off the Capricorn Coast, with his brother in the 1970s, and discovered the island had a mysterious past.

Uninhabited follows the story of young lovers Beth and Harry (played by Australian actors Geraldine Hakewell and Henry James), who are looking for a different kind of holiday.

They charter a boat to a deserted coral island, only to find they are not alone, and “their dream holiday becomes a terrifying nightmare”.

Bennett's other well-known works include the 2002 comedy, The Nugget, starring Eric Bana, Stephen Curry and Dave O'Neill.

Producer Paul Quin told The Morning Bulletin the film was shot on Masthead Island in July and August last year, with no need for re-shoots.

He said they surveyed North West Island for the shoot, but the other island had provided a better option.

And after the good reviews at Cannes, and “encouraging” response to the trailer and poster online, the crew were looking forward to the Australian premiere.

“We're all very excited,” Quin said.

“We're really looking forward to getting it in front of Australian viewers.”

Quin said they had “high hopes” the film would be successful and were hoping it would appeal to a young audience.

“We hope that everyone loves it and that it's a smashing success.”

Quin said he hoped the film would raise the profile of the “tropical paradise” of the Capricorn Cays to an international and Australian audience.

Uninhabited will make its premiere on July 24 at the Melbourne festival with a nationwide release yet to be confirmed.

To see the trailer, visit www.uninhabitedmovie.com/.

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