GREAT PAIR: Brian Scrivener holds two nice squire he caught at the mouth of the hot-water outlet, Calliope River.
GREAT PAIR: Brian Scrivener holds two nice squire he caught at the mouth of the hot-water outlet, Calliope River.

Fishing has been 'dynamite' off Gladstone: PHOTOS



WOW, northerlies at this time of the year! And they produced warm days and nights this week.

Thank goodness we went back to the routine south-easterlies. But the nice days are about to be short lived, with a massive front coming through the region in the middle of the night turning southerly and then backing back off again on Saturday and swinging around a little.

All of this does affect the region's fishing to a point where the northerlies will blow the warmer surface water across Lake Awoonga.

This will eventuate in some excellent fishing at the weekend on the sheltered sunny bays on the lake across from the picnic areas.

Chat with Nudge and Roxy out there and they will put you on to a few good spots, especially after seeing the big sooty he caught a week or so back.

The inshore fishery has also had a new lease on life with some wicked grunter being caught throughout the region.

Bream, whiting and flathead have been fishing well, with some great catches of yellow-fin whiting, or summeries, down at Colosseum, Mundoonlin and Turkey beach.

There are still plenty of barramundi about and these are becoming quite active with the warmer water. I see Stephen Brodie landed a nice wee black jew by flicking some plastics around.


Outside, this past week has been dynamite with excellent numbers of sweetlip and parrotfish and some thumper reds ending up in the Esky.

Last Monday I was able to tag along with Gladstone Regional Council to look at projects for tourism and assist the population at South End.

We delved into details about a proposed floating pontoon, as a lifeline, for small, visiting craft plus emergency services if and when they are required to be there.

But it was what I was watching at Turtle Street as we had a cuppa that was rather cool: a pod of five or six dolphins quietly herding up a school of baitfish against the shallows of the beach.

In this school of baitfish there must have been some small mackerel or long toms and ribbon fish because it was like someone had let go the starter's gun.

Off they took in all directions, skipping across the smooth water in the sheltered bay. The dolphins continued to feast on the fish remaining and I could have stopped and watched them for hours.

That whole coastline is stunning and the opportunity to camp on Turtle Street Beach or at Joey Lees should not be passed up. The same goes for the camping area at The Oaks on Facing Island.

There are about 30 or more sites there and bookings are made through Gladstone Area Promotions and Development Limited and the Marina Visitor Information Centre.

Yes, ladies, there are amenities at The Oaks and plenty of beaches to walk while the lads wet a line! The idea is to book the barge through Curtis Ferry Services and load up a four-wheel drive and trailer while the boys take the boat over.

Curtis Ferry Services has maps for the island showing where you can and can not go. But, once at the camping area, why on Earth would you need to go anywhere else?

My best advice for South End and Facing Island, though, is to respect those who live there and travel very quietly through the built-up areas. And ensure you take back what you took over!

As Brownie used to say: "Don't destroy what you came to enjoy."

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