DISCOVERED: A star might be born in Blackwater in the near future.
DISCOVERED: A star might be born in Blackwater in the near future.

It may be your time to shine

BLACKWATER Country Club has always aimed to support the Central Queensland community.

Their latest venture, open mic nights, are no different.

Blackwater Country Club administration manager Antonia Reed came up with the idea as a way to encourage locals to join the club's regular entertainment schedule.

"I know that with YouTube being the big thing, you know, everyone's a musician these days,” she said.

"It (open mic nights) gives kids around here an avenue to go through to get a bit of exposure.

"We are really just wanting to get more locals in performing.

"I think it's good for a small town like this to have the locals supporting the locals.”

Ms Reed said Blackwater Country Club already had regular live entertainment, including their popular Okie Dokie Karaoke nights.

"Performers come from all around, as far as Gladstone and Rockhampton, and there's one from Emerald,” she said.

"But we just want to push it and get more locals in.”

Ms Reed said she hoped the open mic nights would give musicians from all across Central Queensland more exposure.

"You know, someone might say, 'Oh, my friend's mate's girlfriend is playing' or you know, 'My neighbour's best friend'.

"All that sort of stuff will help get the support in.

"It's just a nice feel when you have locals here and it brings in a nice crowd.”

Ms Reed said the club was open to expanding the open mic nights in the future.

"At the moment we're looking more at the musical side of things, but we're definitely open to other things,” she said.

"We haven't locked in dates but we are aiming for at least one Sunday in February to have the first open mic night.

"If the date doesn't work for other people, we are a little bit flexible in that regard because we do want it to work and give these guys an opportunity.”

Ms Reed said any local musicians thinking of approaching the club should not feel daunted.

"We're always happy for people to just pop in and have a chat, and we can work out the details from there,” she said.

"We try and be pretty easygoing.

"We're here for the community and we really just want to be doing things aimed at supporting the community.”

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